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Luz Mara Bobadilla
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Luz Mar?a Bobadilla

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Luz Mar?a Bobadilla was born in Asunci?n, in the heart of a musician family. Her virtuosity appears being still a child. By that time, she studied, piano, traverse flute, classical, popular and jazz guitar. Among her masters, she stands out Cayo Sila Godoy, direct heir of the tradition traced by Agust?n Barrios and also collector of his work which remained scattered through out the world.

She has performed on the most renowned stages of the world such as: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin. Rome, Brussels, Stockholm, Madrid, Geneva, Lisbon, Washington, Mexico, La Habana, Caracas, Bogot?, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires. From her hands, the Paraguayan classical guitar has dazzled in so remote places such as Moscow, El Cairo and Tel Aviv.

She has been praised for her outstanding and impetuous interpretation by the London Guitar magazine (issue /June 2000). Her performances has been in the albums: Tribute to Agust?n Barrios, Luz on the Guitar, Paraguay with Cuore d? Italia? being recorded together with the international harp master Nicol?s Caballeros and \"Portraits of America\", and above all the highlight: ?Suite Mangor?\", for guitar and Chamber music composed by the Paraguayan Master, Florent?n Gim?nez.

Luz Mar?a Bobadilla is the only Paraguayan guitarist, who has been internationally distinguished as:

??Distinguished Guest? by the Mayorship of Maracaibo, Venezuela, granted in the framework of the World Art Festival, 1992.

??Guest of Honor? of the 7th International Contest and Festival of La Habana, Cuba, granted by the Instituto Cubano de la M?sica and the chairman of the festival: Leo Brouwer for his extraordinary work at the Festival. 1994.

??Representative artist of America? by the United Nation Women Roundtable, in Geneva, Switzerland, 1995.

??Distinguished Guest? granted by the Dade County of Florida, United States, 1996.

??Inaugural member in the Latin America representation in ?The Americas Project?, selected for her artist significance by the Rice University, Houston, Texas. 1997.

??Hija Dilecta de la Ciudad de Asunci?n?, by the Municipality of Asunci?n, Paraguay. She was the first classical guitarist in receiving this recognition together with the master Cayo Sila Godoy. 2003.

??International Artist of the Year? awarded with the Gold Medal by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England, 2003.

She has been called to participate in solos for symphony and chamber orchestras in Paraguay and overseas, either for world performances or classical interpretations of the guitar repertoire like the Concierto de Aranjuez and Fantas?a para un Gentil Hombre, among others.

Her project Guitarra&Luz Guitar Series, gathers the best world guitarists of different styles, in a spectacle that turns Paraguay a must for most important characters.

Guitarra&Luz is likewise the name of a radio program conducted by 107.7 FM Concert of Asunci?n since 1998.

The PRESTIGE AGENCY Artist Management is proud to be the Exclusive Representative of Luz Maria Bobadilla for USA.

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